Courpt judicial system in Alabama

My Nightmare


In 2008, I wwnt to court against a registered 2nd rapist to fight for full custody. This man was a massive drug user, stalked me, beat me, beat me while caring 2 high risk pregnancies. I wasnt able to find out that he was a rapist due to the file being sealed because of his age at the time of the charge, after 6 & 1/2 years in prison The State of Alabama deemed him 1)sociopath, paranoid schizophrenic with anti-social. He failed his drug screen for marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth. My drug screen was clean. The judge granted this man custody of my son & daughter. I was able to get a letter Bob Riley which wrote back stating “No registered sex offender is to have custody or unsupervised visitation with his children & the law had been broken” but nothing was done about it. Later months to come, every time my babies came home to me they had been severely abused & I spent majority of my time in emergency rooms. We had a follow up with the judge on how things were operated & when I presented the pictures of abuse, the judge threaten to put me in jail. During the summer of 2008 ( at this time I had for the summer) the step-grandmother came to pick up the kids for a weekend visit. They snatched babies & never brought them back. For years the last.words I heard from my son’s mouth being “Mommy I dont want to go with th, they hurt me. Please mommy don’t make me go” rang through my mind & I was haunted with nightmares. November 7,2012, the father was murdered over drugs. I let my babies go to the funeral. I was put out of the funeral home & again my babies were snatched by the step-grandmother. I have been in court fighting to get my babies home for almost 2 years. They cry wanting to come home & I cry myself to sleep. I am in fear that I will not get my babies but have to believe that The Lord will deliver us from the evil. For all parents who are fighting the same situation as I am, I’m praying for you & please pray for us. During this travel I have learned that if you truly forgive your enemy in you heart & love them pray for The Lord to bless them by their works. If their works be good than may they be blessed well, but if their works are bad than may The Lord bless them by their dirty works. Pray for your judge, they will be blessed as well. May The Lord keep your family & you, may His grace be laid upon you & pray that He send his angels to take up all of our battles & strike them.down. 


From a loving parent to another


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